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The choice in the fate and architecture


         If we analyze a person’s life, there is an impression that it is a highly branched network of roads, where the in the individual sections of the way the issue of choice determines the further direction of the path or, more simply, the fate. But does each of us know how to choose? Let’s make an experiment. The three correct answers to the following tasks will lead you to the desired destination, but if you make a mistake only once – you’ll get lost.

       So, let’s go …
From the Greek language the style of this trend, stemming from the word eklektikos, means «the ability to choose.»

In 1934 the Staroleningradsky Street was renamed in honor of this science-fiction writer, a native of Smolensk.

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Belyaev Street, 8

In the outer decoration of this building, located on the street named after the science fiction writer, native of Smolensk, you can see the rare element of decor – the sculpted figure of a city boy.

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Belyaev Street, 8

Correct answers to the questions above should lead you to the Belyaev Street, house number 8 to the object of cultural heritage, and its rich and multi-style decoration is typical for the period of eclecticism.
In addition to the house number 8 in the Belyaev street there are other buildings that for some architectural features can be attributed to the style of eclecticism:  

The apartment house
(Belyaev Street, 1)

The modest house of eclectic period. It was built in the middle of the XIX century.

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Belyaev Street, 2/1

The apartment house

        A monument of the eclectic and stylization period architecture, in facade decoration of the time there are imitated elements of architecture dated XVII century. The reduced size (in two floors with an underground floor), from the courtyard side of the building gives the silhouette of the north quirky character. Street facade with regular compositions are richly decorated. The house is interesting by its vaulted cellar, archaic for the time. Stylistic features and character of the masonry building admits to date the house late XIX- early XX century. Speak by the architecture and interior layout, it was a building for public use.

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ул. Belyaev Street, 6

The apartment house
(Belyaev Street, 6)

        Modest sample of the production building, made in the eclectic forms. Built in the late XIX century. In 1927 were carried out major repairs and at the same time Soviet marks, restored in 1948, were carried out on the main facade (star, national emblem, and the date «1927»).
Father wants to see in Alexander Belyaev the continuator of the business and sent him to the Smolensk Theological Seminary in 1895. In 1901, Alexander graduated from it, but did not become the priest, having linked his fate with the other direction. Perhaps thanks to this choice of Alexander Belyaev Smolensk citizens today can be proud that among their countrymen there is a wonderful science fiction writer whose works are read all over the world.