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Apartment buildings with a bit of «deadly risk»

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Konenkov street, h. 3

Among the gastronomic passions of Japanese there is a dish of poisonous fish fugu. Cooking and eating the fish is a huge risk. Only one mistake in its cooking — and you are poisoned. Gourmets, who tasted fugu, say that as the one eats it he can feel the paralyzing wave. A moment later, the voice comes back and the body starts to move. But for the sake of the «resurrection» Japanese still can not give up this dangerous delicacy.

The art has the direction, which is compared with this Japanese delights. It went down in history in the of XIX century as eclectic style, which is translated from the Greek. «Eklektikos» and means «the ability to choose.» The style is characterized by the fact that does not adhere to a specific framework and reflects the mix of diverse and sometimes completely incongruous elements. Do you remember Gogol’s bride, planning the perfect image of the groom, tried to combine it with the Nikanor Ivanovich lips, Ivan Kuzmich nose and Balthazar Baltazarych pushiness? About the same. The issue is a skillful following of the chosen style with a touch of fantasy and individuality. It is necessary to oversaturate the building just with one stylistic element, and your creation turns into architectural bad taste.

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B. Krasnoflotskaya Street, building 1.

In Smolensk, in the end of XIX — early XX centuries many buildings were built in the spirit of eclecticism or had elements of the eclectic decor, in a greater or lesser extent, in the frame of the facade. Among objects of cultural heritage there are buildings by Vitsebsk highway, h. 6, in the Konenkov street, h. 3, in the B. Krasnoflotskaya Street, house 1.

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Vitebsk highway, h. 6

Although they belong to the same style, they do not much like each other. This is due to the characteristic spirit of eclectic factor called «client funds». But even in the modest decoration of these units the one can notice «deadly risk» inherent to eclecticism.