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Laconism manner in people and buildings


lakonichnost-obraza2In this age of social media everyone has the opportunity to become the object of public consideration. And it is very interesting to see how a person builds his way: some focus on the external decoration of the page from writing the name to the photos, the others on emotions, expressed in expressive statuses, someone attaches importance to concise manner, strict but at the same time refined and dignified in thoughts and photos.

Involuntary, in all this variety, you can discern the features of a particular style of art, and compare the creation of an image to the construction of buildings in various architectural styles. For example, pursuance of styles to classicism, as in fact at the heart of this trend there is the harmony and logic nature of the image.
The main feature of classical architecture was an appeal to the forms of ancient architecture as the standard of harmony, simplicity, rigor, clarity and logic of monumentality, due to of classicism became the style for all times and has been used by architects in different periods.
In Smolensk among the buildings in the style of this trend also there are objects of cultural heritage located in the Lenina Street h. 29/24, on the Mayakovsky Street h. 3, B. Soviet Street h. 45/1. Here classicism has reflected even in discharged rhythm of grand facades (North and East) of an object of cultural heritage in the Lenin street h. 24.