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The poetic oasis with unsettled way of life in the house №4 on the Zapolny lane

poet-oasis3Какой-то немец в этом доме
Сушил над печкою носки.
Трубу железную в проеме
Стены, устроив мастерски.

Уютом дельным жизнь-времянку
Он оснастил, как только мог:
Где гвоздь, где ящик, где жестянку
Служить заставив некий срок.

И в разоренном доме этом|
Определившись на постой,
Он жил в тепле, и спал раздетым,
И мылся летнею водой…


…Facilities, such as the author of these lines couldn’t try himself — the famous Russian poet Alexander Trifinovich Tvardovsky, who from September 1943 to March 1944 lived at the house number 4 along Zapolny lane with his family in the apartment at number «26». The house stood on the edge of the burned city. After the ravine there was the field. At nights there was terrible howling of wolves. Maria Trifonovna — A.T. Twardowski sister, later recalled: «When we came to this house, somewhere, on the floors, were wallowing dead Germans. Windows were broken, doors torn from their hinges, there was all sorts of rubbish on the floor. But nothing to do – we started to locate ourselves. From the sites of fire — there were a lot of sites of fire here – we brought the burnt bed … On such burnt bed Alexander Trifonovich slept when he lived with us at first time, and then came back from the front …. » The house didn’t have central heating, didn’t work water supplying, sewerage. People went took water from the Devil’s ditch and apartments were heated by stoves, which were folded quickly. Despite this, here appeared some of the chapters of the poem «Vasily Terkin».

But the muse visited not only A.T. Twardowski in the house № 4 in Zapolny lane, a famous poet Nikolai Rylenkov lived here with his family in the apartment number «25»from November 1943 to October 1959. And in this apartment with all its unsettled life were born beautiful poems:

И твердим мы всем, кого взманила
Лёгкая удача: не спеши!
Мы перо макаем не в чернила,
А в крутой отстой на дне души.

Сколько нас подстерегает подлых
Мелочей — соблазнов и обид,
Но ведь ремесло поэта — подвиг,
Ставший бытом, чтоб возвысить быт.

The N.I. Rylenkov apartment visited the writers from Smolensk and Moscow, and it’s reflected in the objects title: «The building, where worked from 1944 to 1955 as a Smolgiz chief editor and regional writers organization head, poet Rylenkov Nikolai Ivanovich. Here, in these years there were poets Isakovsky Mikhail, Tvardovsky Alexandr Trifonovich, Simonov Konstantin Mikhailovich, Gribachev Nikolai Matveyevich». Besides of that N.I. Rylenkov was repeatedly visited by K.G. Paustovsky and I.S. Sokolov-Mikitov.