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«Supermen» in objects of cultural heritage


Russia – is the largest country in the world, which has a huge amount of natural resources. Because of this there is a large number of wars and enemies in our homeland. Therefore, the first hospital in Russia, primarily designed for the treatment of wounded and sick soldiers.

In large extent «military» nature had the buildings of the second hospital and the hospital of the Red Cross, located on the Tenisheva Street, 9. The first is a four-storeyed brick building with a basement, a complex construction, built in the 30s of the XX century. The second appeared in 1897 as a hospital with 8 beds, which at first served primarily «coming patients». In 1914, was opened the day and night clinic with 35 beds in the hospital; soon, because of the warfare, it was turned into a hospital. The main building of the hospital complex is a two-storeyed building with a basement number 4, built by the project of N.V. Zaputryaev. It is a sample of the large hospital building in the neo-Russian style.

But not even World War the First gave «military» character to the Red Cross hospital, the original name of the Society in accordance with the charter, approved in 1867 by Alexander II, was sounded like «Society care for the wounded and sick soldiers.» In 1879, the Society was renamed into «Russian Red Cross Society.» Beginning in 1867 there was not a military expedition or a war in which Red Cross troops would not participate. With funds, the Society became very active in providing assistance to the sick and wounded during the Franco-Prussian War (1870), it formed teams of doctors, sisters and brothers of charity to help the Bulgarian people during the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1878), performed a huge amount of work during the Russian-Japanese War (1904-1905) and the World War the First (1914-1918). In 1915, when the Germans first used chemical weapons, the Society quickly mastered the production of masks and only during the three months they produced about 6 million pieces. In addition, the Red Cross was preparing the board doctors and nurses, nurses- paratroopers, the Society operated with the Central Information Bureau about prisoners of war, the Society was responsible for the assistance refugees institutions provision, engaged in streamlining their movement.

Take into account that the Red Cross carried out a range of tasks to rescue the Russians in civilian life: the fight against the plague in the village Vetlyanka in the Astrakhan region in 1878-1879; the fight with diphtheria in Poltava province in 1879; charitable assistance to hunger victims that swept 25 provinces, and the struggle with its accompanying epidemics in 1891-1892; charitable assistance to flood victims in St. Petersburg in 1897.
So the Russian Red Cross Society had not just a «military» nature, it itself was a real warrior, as they say, «Superman», which has no fear to associate any war.
Among the city hospital of the first half of the 20th century also can be noted the hospital building, located in the street 12 years of October Street, the house 15. The building was built in 1939, in 1960 rescheduled for housing. It is one of the most important buildings of the city pre-war years. It belongs to the significant architecture of Soviet style directions.
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